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Welcome to Massoft Games!

Massoft Games is an independent game development studio we started in 2009 and officialy established on 2015. We worked many developers from India, USA, Poland, Turkey and as both gamers and developers, we strive to create an experience that empowers and gives voice to our consumers while closing the gap in what you want on the market.It had released three games in two years, all of which had failed to find an audience.

In Late 2016 we announced that an AAA Unnamed Video Game is in development and will be released in the near future. You can follow for more updates on our facebook page.

We are committed providing you with updates, behind the scenes, setbacks and successes in what is the making of a game.  Feel free to track our Facebook and You tube pages. If you like what we do please subscribe to our social media!

Many thanks to our fans and supporters!




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